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Electric Clocks - Self Winding Clock Company
Model "F" Movement Technical Manual

Scans of the SWCC manual courtesy of the late Henry Weiland, reproduced by permission.

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Table of Contents A1 - Movement Parts A2 - Winding A3 - Winding Control
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A4 - Winding Circuit A5 - Synchronization B2 - Instructions for Installing B3 - Installation & Maintenance of Sweep Seconds Clocks
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C1 - Adjustment of Hourly Winding Circuit Closer C2 - Adjustment of Motor Magnet and Armature C3 - Adjustment of Motor Contacts C4 - Adjustment of Synchronizing Levers, etc.
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D1 - Cleaning and Oiling D2 - Exchanging Movements, etc. D3 - Directions for Setting Up Turns on Mainspring

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